AT3 exists to enable an influx of trained leaders to strengthen, revitalise and plant new churches.

AT3 Logo There is currently a shortage of manpower to minister in the increasingly secular culture of the UK, where millions across the country are currently outside the reach of a gospel proclaiming church. A fresh influx of leaders with both formal theological training and practical experience is necessary to strengthen and extend the influence of the gospel and the growth of the Church.

AT3’s pathway into ministry develops biblically shaped and culturally relevant leaders, equipped to engage the post-Christian & post-modern culture that is prevalent in the UK. Secular culture is also growing rapidly across North America. After completing the training programme, North American students can choose to stay in the UK to strengthen, plant, or revitalise churches, or can return home, ready to face this secularisation.

The continued relationship between students across the Atlantic will form avenues of communication, support and giving between the US & UK.

Launch Your Future in Ministry

Make an impact now as you gain a rich experience of life & ministry in post-Christian Britain.