We launch leaders into ministry.

We are asking God to launch 1000 UK & 1000 US leaders trained through thriving transatlantic church partnerships to face the onrush of secularism.

Millions of people across the UK live outside the reach of a gospel
proclaiming church.

This is due to a significant shortage of manpower to minister in churches and to reach the lost.

A fresh influx of leaders with both formal theological training and practical experience is necessary to strengthen and extend the influence of the gospel and the growth of the Church.

AT3’s pathway into ministry develops biblically shaped and culturally relevant leaders, equipped to engage the post-Christian & post-modern culture that is prevalent in the UK.

Secular culture is also growing rapidly across North America and the need is rising for American church leaders to be ready to face the rise of secularism.

From its foundation, the main goal of AT3 has been to facilitate the training of 1000 UK and 1000 US leaders by 2035. The aim is to send these trained men and women out to drive Gospel ministry on both sides of the Atlantic (by revitalizing churches and planting new ones) and throughout the world.

This is a goal that AT3 continues to work towards through developing good partnerships with US & UK higher education institutions, local churches and mission organizations. It is our hope to envision our partners and create advocates who understand the need for culturally relevant gospel witness in the UK and the US and are passionate about our vision.