In the month of October, AT3 had the wonderful opportunity to be featured at Moody Bible Institute’s annual Missions Conference. The time spent with Moody students and faculty, the speakers, and members of various other ministries attending was certainly refreshing and encouraging. But if there was one word to describe the week, and I believe all that were present would agree, the word would undoubtedly be delight.  

The first reason for this delight are the invigorating words presented to us by our dear friend, Dr. Michael Reeves. If you’re familiar with his work, the irony of describing this week as a delight will not be lost on you. Dr. Reeves addressed us on the link between missions and the Trinity and in doing so pointed us to a topic that has been so near to his heart and work; delighting in the person and nature of God Himself. Dr. Reeves’ words were full of conviction and earnestness. He spoke as someone who has experienced exactly what he was saying. His words and manner were moving, but what was the biggest blessing was spending time with him and watching him love and care for those with whom he interacted. He not only told us what delighting in God looks like, but also showed us how one acts when they come to know the person of God in their own heart.

Secondly, being amongst the many missions organizations and groups gave us a view into the vast and diverse world of missions. To meet and talk with missionaries, pastors, and church planters from all over the world about the work God is doing in their respective areas was really exciting! It can be easy to narrowly focus on what we do in the UK and become preoccupied with the goings-on without considering what God is doing with our brothers and sisters all over the globe. We were provided this opportunity to step outside of what we know by sharing and celebrating what God is doing in our respective countries. God’s Kingdom is advancing, and being able to meet and interact with His servants who are doing so was a true blessing!

Lastly, we were incredibly humbled by the love and care shown to us by every member of the Moody community. This was our first time being a part of the Missions Conference, and we could not be more grateful for how we were treated. It would be an understatement to say that we were encouraged by the enthusiastic reception and interest the administration, faculty, and students had in AT3 and our mission to serve UK churches and train the next generation of leaders.

Oh, we almost forgot one of the more important things about being in Chicago for this great conference. DEEP DISH PIZZA. Talk about true delight! Our Windy City experience would have definitely been lacking if we skipped out on eating the warm, meaty, cheesy, butter-crusted, slice of heaven that is Chicago’s famous deep dish. After long days of talking, presenting, and sitting through teaching, the only way to properly refuel is to eat as many slices as you can! We can thank out Director, Ken Lippold, for that! 

We would like to specifically thank the administration and organizers of the Conference for allowing AT3 to have a spotlight at the beginning of the week and introduce Dr. Reeves to the Moody community. 

Thank you to the faculty for openness and willingness to meet us outside the session times and talk about the significant opportunity we have together to create and strengthen a transatlantic partnership in Gospel work.

Thank you to the students. You are inspiring reminders that their continues to be godly and gifted people in each generation who seek to serve Christ and His Church with the whole of their lives. Whether it is through AT3 or not, we look forward to seeing the work that you will do in the name of Jesus.