What happens after the 2 year Apprentice Programme finishes?

This is a legitimate question that someone might ask if they were considering training with us. Our first UK and US Apprentices finished this summer, and we’re letting them tell their stories about their experiences and what shape life takes after being part of AT3.

Born and bred in a small market town in North Wales, Josh has been a member of Christ Church Liverpool for several years. Two years ago, he joined the staff team of Christ Church Liverpool as a UK AT3 Apprentice as a way to get experience of ministry whilst studying. Josh tells us more about those two years and what’s in store for the future:

photo by Peter Mason

In 2015,  I was in a position where I was heavily involved in ministry at church and in training, but struggled to fit everything in with a normal job too!

When I cut down on my working hours, AT3 was the natural option as I was then able to combine further theological study with a ministry role in my local church.  What appealed to me about being a part of the AT3 team is the ability to get training for ministry without moving away.

Doing the 2-year training programme with Christ Church Liverpool allowed me to give more time to leading the international ministry and music ministry in church. Another great opportunity was being able to get further exposure to pastoral ministry and preaching.

Through my time with AT3, I have learned more about the messiness of ministry and grown in my experience of pastoral care. I’ve also developed theologically and academically, so that going forward I feel better equipped for a pastoral and teaching ministry.

Now the two year programme has finished, I will be employed by Christ Church Liverpool as a part-time international worker, which will be a continuation of the work I have already been a part of in helping my church to serve internationals better. I will also be helping to deliver the teaching on the North West Partnership’s Ministry Training Course.

What I am looking forward to is moving into training and teaching some people who may be the next generation of church leaders and planters. The AT3 experience is all about combining ministry experience and training. While there is value to spending 3 years away at Bible college, AT3 has enabled me to get formal theological training as well as working in a ministry environment alongside broken, hurting people who need to word of God applied to their lives. This has been an invaluable context for my development as a church leader.

My roles from September 2017 onwards may not be my final destination in ministry. Please pray for me! Pray that I would be able to think carefully through the possibilities of further theological training, pastoring, planting or revitalisation and that ultimately I would listen for the Lord’s wisdom in making these decisions.