One of the things I have been most nervous about in coming to England and a new culture was making a fool of myself. I tend to like to look smart around people, so the possibility of making a big cultural mistake raised my anxiety. As we did culture training with AT3 and I talked with my supervisor from Phillys, they told me repeatedly that I was going to make a fool of myself and that I would need to learn that it was okay and that I shouldn’t let it get me down. They told me to pray for humility and teachability. Part of me didn’t believe I would make a mistake. Part of me thought if I did enough research or observed enough, I could get by. I could not. The Sunday after we arrived in Liverpool, a lady from Phillys came by to meet me and hang out. We were heading outside when my host asked if I wanted to try some Squash. I was excited to try a new drink, so I said yes. She poured me some and handed me the glass. I was a bit confused that there wasn’t much in the glass, but I thought “Might be a cultural thing” and took a sip. Little did I realize that she had taken her glass of Squash to the sink to fill it up with water. Her and my visitor both saw what I did and, as they began to laugh, I realized my mistake. I decided in that moment that getting embarrassed and anxious was not the right course of action; I decided to laugh along with them. This incident has helped me to see that I truly do need to be humble and teachable because my pride could have easily been offended and I could let these incidents begin to pile up and make me bitter about being here. God truly had a lesson for me in it after all.