So, a few months ago back in February my pastor came to me with an exciting opportunity to do a summer internship and for a while now we’ve talked about the possibility of me interning with the church after graduation so this was a great chance to experience what that might be like! What better way to spend my summer after being in lockdown for the past year, than meeting new people, growing in theology and getting to use my skills as a designer to serve the church as well as gain experience.  What’s even more exciting is that I get to be one of the first of two British interns to participate. 

After hearing a little more information about it my excitement grew and I was ready to jump aboard until the talk of fundraising came about and with little to a few months to do it in, this was my first time to experience fundraising so I was quite nervous on how I’d go about doing it not to add the stress of deadlines with university at the same time, to my surprise but not to Gods, I had so many amazing people willing to pray, give and partner with me on this journey. It was a hard journey that took trusting in God and letting go of any selfish pride I was holding onto, I learnt I wasn’t just asking people to give me money but rather, I was asking them to partner with me in my gospel ministry. 

Moving onto starting the internship I got to meet so many wonderful people from around the states and some from the UK, even though the welcome week was online via zoom we had a lot of fun worshiping together, building community and learning what it means to minister in a post Christian society, it was great to hear a range of thoughts and start to think how we could apply things from different cultures to better minister in our areas. Ended the week with finally getting to meet a few of the interns in person after months of zoom!