To be able to come to the UK I had to get a visa. One step in getting it was to send my passport to the United Kingdom Embassy in New York. With plenty of time to get my visa, I sent my passport to the embassy. I received word from the embassy approving me for the visa, and that my passport was sent back. At the Moody Bible Institute whenever students receive packages the post office sends an email to the student to whom the package was addressed, and it is ready to be picked up. So, I waited for my email informing me my passport has returned. I waited about 4 weeks and got no email. I started to get scared, so I checked the tracking number and it told me it was delivered, so I went to the post office to see if it is there, all I was told they did not have it and it was delivered to a Josh, which that is not my name. Later that day I went to the United States Postal service (UPS) to figure out what happened to my passport and visa. Going down to the UPS, giving them the tracking number, they told me they would contact corporate to determine what happened and let me know. About 4 hours later, UPS called me and told me the passport was at the location and it has been there for the last 3 weeks. Surprisingly, they did not through away or return it to the sender. So, we went and picked it up. This relieved so much stress from me, just before I had to start studying for my finals and getting ready to leave for home. I got my visa and knew I am here.