Frequently asked questions for recruits.

How long is the training?

2 Years

How much does it cost?

The cost depends the degree course you choose. Course fees can be found on the Union website.

In addition to course fees you’ll need to raise enough money to cover your cost-of-living while in the UK. We project that each North American recruit will need to raise about $26,000 per year and each UK recruit will need to raise about £13,000 per year. This should cover your course fees and cost of living. This figure could change depending on where you are placed. For example, those who will be placed in more expensive city centres will  likely need to raise more.

Are there scholarships available?

Not yet, but we hope to develop a scholarship programme in the near future.

How will I get paid?

This is a fully self-funded programme. This means you will develop your own network of financial supporters to support you for the 2 years you’ll be serving and training in the UK.

Is there any help in raising my support?

AT3 will train and coach you on support raising but does not have any funds to contribute to your support. All funds will be raised through one of our partner organisations.

Where does it take place?

We have opportunities for church placements across the UK (England, Scotland & Wales), we will work with you to determine the best possible church placement for you. Placements will be based on your gifts, skills, prior training, and long-term ministry goals. Where your theological training happens depends on the degree course you take. Graduate Diplomas will be delivered in regional learning communities across the UK. Master’s level training will be delivered at the Union School of Theology campus in South Wales.

Where will I live?

Housing arrangements are to be made in conjunction with your placement church. For some that may mean being given a room in the house of a church member, for others that will mean finding your own apartment or house. We are asking each local church to help US recruits cover the cost of their housing, but there is no guarantee that churches will be able to help.

Will I need a visa?

Yes. We will help you through the entire process. Visas will come through a variety of different avenues, and you will be responsible for the cost of your own visa.

Is the theological training accredited?

All degrees delivered by Union School of Theology are fully accredited.

Will AT3 help me plant a church?

AT3 will not be initiating church plants. Our conviction is that local churches plant churches. Being part of AT3 means you are part of a much larger network of church planting churches and organisations.

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