AT3 offers Theological training alongside ministry experience.

Theological Training... it's in our name

We believe being getting good quality, relevant and robust theological education alongside practical experience is key to being well equipped in ministry. So, what options are out there?

Biblical Counselling UK

The Biblical Counselling UK 1-3 year certificate program is offered in partnership with CCEF (The Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation) and is supported by Oak Hill College in England.

It provides a theoretical and practical introduction to the biblical counselling approach developed by CCEF who have been setting the pace in biblical counselling for over 40 years.

Union School of Theology

Students can study towards an accredited degree provided by Union School of Theology over the course of two years. 

The degree courses currently available are:

Graduate Diploma in Theology

MTh in Scripture and Theology

The weekly pattern is 1-2 days of theological study in a local learning community with 3-4 days a week serving on a church staff.



What happens after training?



Some graduates will be sent to church planting churches and networks to plant new churches.


Some graduates will be sent to revitalize and bring new life to declining churches.


Other graduates will be sent to lead existing churches.


US graduates can either stay in the UK to assist in church planting, revitalizing and leading, or return to the US.

We recognize that the majority will return home to the US to minister, and we want this to happen.

It’s our hope that returning graduates continue in relationship with their placement church, establishing a long-term partnership. Through this partnership they will encourage, support, and resource the work of planting and revitalizing churches in the UK.

Each graduate who continues in this partnership is contributing to the creation of the transatlantic network of Christians working together to fulfill the great commission.

Launch Your Future in Ministry

Make an impact now as you gain a rich experience of life & ministry in post-Christian Britain.