Watching new friends being made, a new culture being explored and comfort zones being broken are some of the reasons why we love summer.

We’re in the middle of our second summer running an internship, and we’ve loved meeting and getting to know our 9 interns. They’re all from different backgrounds and circumstances, and God has brought them together this Summer to help serve local churches here in the UK.

We interviewed two of our interns to find out what they’ve experienced and how this will shape them for the years to come.

Emann, tell us a little bit about yourself…

I come from the States, but was originally born in the Philippines. I moved to the US when I was seven. Over the years, I’ve discovered that I really enjoy making relationships with humour and authenticity. I want to share the good news in a similar way!

Why did you want to come to the UK to do an internship?

I came to the UK last year as part of a short term mission team. We spent 5 days in Liverpool and I really enjoyed my time there. I saw some of the fruits that had been sewn through the short term mission and thought “maybe I can do more in 6 weeks!”

So what is actually like to be an intern?

Challenging! Challenging in a way that God knows where you are struggling in ministry and continues to push you along that path so that you HAVE to rely on not only the Church but also God to provide and comfort.

What’s the best place you’ve visited whilst in the UK?

I really loved Atwood Green which is plant from my host Church, Grace Church Dell Road. I loved the diversity in the church and saw so many cultures interacting with each other with such genuineness!

How do you think you’ve grown during your internship?

Ministry is never what you anticipate and it will always place you in positions where you do not want to go or situations that are uncomfortable. I’ve learned that in times where you really CANNOT trust on your OWN wisdom and abilities, you really have to have a servant’s heart and be obedient!

Emann has come with a group of young people from Sun Valley Community Church as part of their Mission Programme to help serve in Grace Church Dell Road, Birmingham. 


Kerena, tell us more about yourself…

I love a good laugh, close friends, family, and travel! I am from Arizona born and raised, but I moved to Illinois to live in Chicago and go to Bible College to study theology.

What inspired you to do an internship with AT3?

I wanted to do an internship with AT3 for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted to work at a local church and have a cross-country experience. I have been a part of a local church for many years and going to a different country where the culture is not the same helps to broaden my understanding of God’s global plan. God is using the local church to raise up disciples and He is doing it throughout the world. Secondly, I also wanted a tailor-made internship that would work for me. My degree is in Women’s Ministry and I wanted to come alongside a woman’s worker at a local church to get a glimpse inside daily church ministry. AT3 worked me to find the location and position that would suit my gifts and training.

 Describe a day in the life of an intern…

For me, each day is different. I sit in on staff and prayer meetings, I help with set up for events that happen during the week. Most of what I do is with my mentor who is the women’s worker. We go on hospital visits, have one-to-ones with women (where we read through scripture together and talk about what it is saying and means), plan and host events for the women in the church, and pray for the women in the congregation and in the community together. My days are filled with prayer, administrative work, relationship building, community connecting, and planning for events. After work, I will eat with my host family or go out with new friends I have made at the church.

What have you enjoyed the most?

I have been given a real opportunity to see what working in a church full time would be like. I was totally welcomed by the staff team and the church community. They have brought me into their daily lives and I have gleaned so much from working alongside the people here. I have seen how they interact with each other, how they respond to congregational need and seen what they are like in their home lives. I have experienced so much hospitality from my host home and have seen their lives lived in ministry in the office and in the home. It has been an immense blessing to come to the UK as an intern.

What’s next for you after the internship?

 I’ll be going back to finish my last year at Bible school. During that time, I’ll be making final decisions on where I’ll go to get my masters degree in theology. One option could be to come back to the UK to work with the church I did my internship with and study with Union, or to do this in the US. Either way, after College I’d love to be starting my vocational ministry in a local church as a women’s worker.

 Kerena is studying Women’s Ministry at  Moody Bible College in Chicago. Kerena’s internship has allowed her to get more experience of ministry and to grow meaningful relationships with Trinity Church Everton, Liverpool.


This summer has been full of fun, hard work, exploring and getting to know our 9 interns. Please pray for them as they return to the US! We’ll leave you with some great photos of them and our team from the past six weeks. 

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