Character: Zachary Toombs (Me)

Problem: Covid and the many challenges in getting to the UK.

Guide: AT3

Plan: Get to the UK and to take part in the summer internship with my host church. 

Action: Prayer, Trusting in God, and attending AT3 meetings to see what the next steps were like. 

Comedy: After the many challenges we arrived in the UK. 

Hello, my name is Zachary Toombs, and I am from Queen Creek, Arizona. I currently am on staff at Rock Point church and an intern for an organization called Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT3). As I look and contemplate the recent months and even years leading up to now, I am reminded that God is always faithful.

I first heard about AT3 in 2018 where I was immediately intrigued in their mission to build up young leaders to experience ministry in a separate context, a post Christian context. For years I had thought about becoming an intern in the United Kingdom and while I was interning in the Youth Ministry at my home church, Rock Point, the opportunity and calling had arisen for me to do just this. 

I applied and was accepted into the internship in 2019 and was excited for the opportunity to engage in ministry in the UK. I was eager and hoping to arrive in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2020 but months before we were set to arrive, the world had felt the effects of a pandemic, Covid19. The trip had been postponed and I was left wondering, with disappointment, why this would be if God had called us to this. I had not known that just a year later we would all travel and arrive in the UK.

There were many challenges within the process of arriving in the UK that could have and sometimes did leave me in a sad and doubting state, whether that be from receiving my visa, or covid test results in time, to raising the funds necessary, but time and time again God had shown and displayed His faithfulness especially in times of need. 

It is now that I sit at my desk, on the top floor of my host home, writing, and confessing, the faithfulness of God. The birds are chirping out my window, the day is beautiful, and I am earnestly excited to work alongside my fellow Christians and point all to our hope, Jesus Christ.