FAQs for Partners

UK Partners

What is the cost to my church?

We don’t require any financial commitment from UK churches, but we usually ask once a year that the church considers making a gift to AT3.

Do I have to provide housing for those who are placed with me?

No, but if there’s housing available or if a family in the church can provide a room for a single person that’s a bonus.

Do I have to raise up a UK apprentice or intern to receive a US apprentice or intern in my church?

No, but we ask that any church who receives an apprentice or intern would work towards creating a leadership development process in their church to raise up the next generation of British leaders.

What are the responsibilities of the apprentice mentor?

To meet regularly (2-4 times per month) with their apprentice for mentoring and coaching.

US Partners

Why should we send our best emerging leaders to the UK for 2 years or for the summer

We believe sending your best emerging leaders to the UK will equip them better for ministry back in the USA. In the UK they will be experience living in a post-Christian culture where they will be trained to bring the gospel into a secular context.

What sort of relationship is expected with the UK church where we've sent an apprentice or intern?

There’s no obligation for any relationship. However, we would love to see friendships and gospel partnership develop between US and UK churches where prayer, resources and training could flow back-and-forth between you across the Atlantic.

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