Summer Internship

Experience the summer of your life! Spiritual Growth + Ministry Experience + Theological Training

Your summer should be full of meaningful & fun experiences to help you grow as a Christian and as a leader.

We know you don’t want to waste your summer. Not only that, we know you’re looking for God’s leading for your future.

When you join AT3’s Summer Internship, you’ll serve and be trained in a local church. You’ll spend time learning and growing in your understanding and love of God and His church. You’ll forge deep friendships with fellow interns and become life-long friends with those in your placement church. All while opening up doors for your future launch into ministry.

AT3 - Summer Internship in a Minute


  1. Apply: With eagerness for what God will do!
  2. Prepare: Participate in trainings that will get you ready for your ministry experience.
  3. Experience: Make new friends as you gain an amazing post-christian church ministry experience.
  4. Reflect: Have stories to tell from your summer.

British Nine Week Summer Internship


  • 6th June - 9th June: Welcome Week Orientation in Edinburgh
  • 12th June - 3rd July: Serving in your church
  • 4th - 5th July: Theological Conference in London
  • 6th - 11th July: Europe Mission Trip
  • 12th July - 1st August: Serving in your church
  • 2nd - 5th August: Debrief in Liverpool

COST: £650

  • This covers: events and transport to/from events over the summer, including the Europe Mission trip.
  • You can choose to raise up to an additional £750 to cover your cost of living, eg. food, and day to day travel.
  • A host home can be provided if necessary.
  • We provide fundraising training and coaching to help you raise the funds.


  • Get prepared for the summer and meet other interns


  • Digging deeper into the incarnation of Christ and why that’s relevant in our culture today.


  • Experience God at work in a different culture, on a trip to Poland or Estonia.


  • Reflect on how God has shaped you over the summer and where he’s leading you next.
AT3 2021 Summer Internship
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AT3 Testimonial - Summer Internship