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You may be wondering how joining the alliance would apply to your church...

UK Churches Recruit & Train

As a UK church, joining AT3 will mean recruiting a student from your church.

Having recruited your own student, a fully self supported US student will be allocated to your church. You will then have two part-time church workers on your staff.

Side by side they’ll study towards their theology degree, and serve your church in its day to day life. You will support and mentor both students throughout the two year programme.

Following the two year programme, your US student can stay on and help you lead, plant or revitalise, or they can return to the US, and continue the transatlantic partnership. This partnership is an avenue of communication, support and giving between the US & UK.

Joining AT3 means supporting students in gaining theological training, who will be part of an influx of new leaders across the UK, committed to strengthening churches and fulfilling the great commission.

US Churches Send & Fund

As a US church, joining AT3 means supporting a dynamic movement of leaders across the Atlantic and fulfilling the great commission in the UK.

With church attendance on the decline, and many people in the UK completely unreached, there is a desperate need for manpower.

By sending men and women to be trained in the UK for two years, your church is serving the UK and contributing to creating the influx of church leaders needed there. Although you are initially sending students away from the US, you will receive back leaders who are highly qualified academically, and with a rich experience of ministry in a secular culture.

The return of many US students after their two year programme will strengthen the transatlantic partnership and assist US churches in addressing the challenges of secularism. This partnership is an avenue of communication, support and giving between the US & UK.

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