From Intern to Apprentice

Written by AT3 Apprentice, Jenna Houk.

I have a brief memory of when I was 10 years old, telling my parents I wanted to be a missionary and go overseas. There was no process to it, just what appeared to be a random surge of passion from a little girl. But, like any 10-year-old, I soon forgot about this sudden desire and moved on to other things. I even went as far to go to a university for veterinary medicine. It wasn’t until I was 20 that the Lord reignited the calling to be a missionary. 

It was within my first year at this university that God used college ministry to call me out of my own agenda, my own plan for my life. I came to truly understand the importance of evangelism and discipleship within the life of a Christian. Because of the Lord’s prompting, I withdrew from veterinary medicine and decided to pursue ministry.

I went on to attend Moody Bible Institute as an Evangelism and Discipleship major, where the Lord then later introduced me to AT3. I wasn’t necessarily looking to go overseas for ministry, but the moment I heard about AT3 and their desire to reach a post-Christian culture through the UK church, I knew I had to be a part of that. 

It just so happened that I needed a summer internship for my major, and AT3 offered just that. Throughout the entire process of support-raising, preparing for the UK and my time spent there; AT3 continually offered support and guidance. I was connected with a wonderful church in Manchester, passionate about evangelism and discipleship. I had the opportunity to learn from people within the church and the privilege to foster relationships with them.

My summer in the UK wasn’t easy, but it was such a blessing and I grew so much. The moment I left Manchester, I immediately wanted to come back and be a part of what AT3 was doing in the UK. I wanted to do my part in serving the Lord in a post-Christian context alongside other believers. 

Through the Lord’s guidance and support of those around me, I applied for AT3’s Two-Year Apprenticeship, went through the challenging process of training and support-raising, and returned to the church I once interned in. I am now 7 months into my two-year apprenticeship and though there have been difficult moments, I am thankful for the experiences of engaging in full-time ministry with other believers of the same mindset. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn from people who have served the Lord in the UK longer than I have been alive. I have been truly blessed to apply what I have learned in my Biblical Counselling courses within the church and community I am serving in.

Whether you’ve known where God has been leading you or struggle to discern His path for your life, I hope my story is one of hope and encouragement for you. 

Written in 2021

AT3 Testimonial | From Intern to Apprentice