God's Not Finished

Story by Clay Richardson - An AT3 Apprentice

God's Not Finished

By clay Richardson

AT3 2 Year Apprentice

March 2022

As you can imagine, ministry in a major metropolitan city of the world is difficult. That fact alone would present enough obstacles of its own, however, where I am doing ministry there are more layers. London, England is a world renowned city for its history and success over thousands of years. One way London has been influential in the past is through Christianity spreading and being the main religion. Nowadays, London has transformed into a sadly post-Christian culture. Looking back to my home country, the USA, I am seeing a very similar trajectory that I am afraid we are heading in as well. However, after having been living and doing ministry for over a year in London, I am learning that it is not necessarily the worst case scenario. 

God's presence has not left this city, and it is obvious to me and those I am doing ministry alongside that He is at work here in London. This period of time we are living in as a Post-Chrisitan culture is acting as a sort of pruning. Here in London, you do not gain any social status by proclaiming you are a Christian, whereas in times past (and in parts of the USA) you could gain something from identifying as a Christian, even if you did not genuinely put your faith in Jesus. In fact, you may even be looked down on for saying you are a Christian and be seen as a bigot. This causes people to truly have to count the cost of following Jesus. Now, we are seeing people having to take their faith in Jesus much more seriously, and true believers rising to the call to lose their lives for God's sake. God is at work, even when the culture is turning from the Bible as the source of truth. This shift in the culture here in London, and in the USA is no surprise to God. For us as believers, it may take more boldness and courage, but as Jesus says, "Take heart! I have overcome the world." John 16:33