Michael’s Story

There’s nothing scarier than entering into an unknown situation where you don’t know anyone or anything. The only thing that you can do is trust that the Lord will guide you through it because he was the one that placed you there in the first place. This situation marked the beginning of my experience with AT3. Although I was blessed to get to know my fellow interns as well as my host family over zoom, I was still nervous that I was going to have no community when I arrived in the UK. 

When I arrived at the airport, I went to check in my bag and immediately ran into Gavin, a fellow intern. He was someone that I knew as we are both students at Moody Bible Institute and have shared a handful of classes together, but that was about it. We immediately connected and started walking through the airport together. Not too long after, we ran into another intern, Abi and all sat together at the terminal, chatting away and getting to know each other. Before long that community that I so longed for was already being created, and we weren’t even in the UK yet. Traveling with them over the next day would only bring us closer together.

Once we arrived at the Manchester airport, I also had the pleasure of meeting Daniel and Naomi, the two AT3 staff members that helped coordinate our trip to the UK, for the first time in person. When we met, it felt like we were meeting up with old friends. My anxieties that came from fear of a lack of community ceased at that moment. I knew that God had divinely placed these men and women into my life to support me in this uncertain time. As all of us interns were preparing for the adventure of a lifetime, I knew that we would all have the support we needed in one another. None of us were going to be alone, and God had made sure of that.

Written in 2021

AT3 2021 Summer Internship