We Prayed; He Anwsered

Story by Mitchell Hill - an AT3 Apprentice

We Prayed; He Answered

By Mitchell Hill

AT3 2 Year Apprentice

January 2022

I recently moved to Birmingham, UK to be an apprentice for AT3 doing university ministry for the next two years. The campus ministry team I am a part of is spread across three churches and campuses. We have a strong passion to glorify God by making disciples on the campus for the lost world. We want to find the students who may not be interested in going to church or a bible study and engage them where they are so they would encounter the love of Christ through us. However the spiritual climate of the UK is not exactly friendly to the Gospel. Most days when we go to campus we are reminded of what it is like to labor in a post-Christian culture. Luckily, the hardness of someone’s heart does not matter to God, and through prayer and continually sharing His word we have seen some awesome things. 

One major win for us was in November when we held a Thanksgiving Dinner event for students. We cooked the traditional American food served on that holiday and invited all the people we had been pouring into for the past 3 months. After a frantic day of cooking, last minute invites, and praying that God would actually move in people’s hearts to show up, we hosted over 70 students! All the relationships we had struggled and toiled to establish instantly felt deeper after that night. I was even able to talk with a few guys named Tom, Dennis, and Nick who expressed interest in learning about the Christian faith. That night was such a monumental answer to prayer. God simultaneously encouraged me in my ministry and brought so many people one step closer to Him.